How to Set Up A Server for A Small Business

When starting a business, you barely have employees, but as the business grows, of course, you will start taking in more employees, and soon after, you will need a server, which will allow you to run your office network and business rather efficiently. However, with so many choices to go through, and super important decisions […]

How to Fix Corrupted Files in Windows 10

corrupted files in Windows 10

One thing that should be clear to you, a corrupted file is something you don’t want in your computer, as it has the potential to halt, or even crush it. So, if there are any corrupted files on your computer, you need to fix them right away. Now, you probably don’t know anything about corrupted […]

Why Should Small Businesses Outsource IT Services?

If there is a concern that small businesses have been grappling with is that of whether to outsource or not to outsource IT support. Well, here is the thing, outsourcing IT services is an ever-increasing practice that has gained popularity, especially among small businesses. If you find that your business is spending too much time […]