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Is your business IT system resilient enough to withstand cyber-attacks? Has your business data or customer’s information been breached more than once? Are you looking for a way to protect these data from unauthorised access? Do you want to stay ahead of any kind of online threat? 

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Does your business continuity planning include what to do in case of a cyber security disaster?

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks have sky-rocketed in recent years where businesses, in particular, small businesses have become the main targets for cybercriminals. Now, the problem with cybersecurity is the fact that the cyber security threats are constantly changing as technology advances, where hackers are now adjusting their techniques and they are also updating their malicious software often. What this means is that as a business owner, you will need to come up with effective ways to protect your business and consumer data from these criminals. It also means that you will need to upgrade your system if you want your data to be safe. Not only do these attacks capable of bankrupting some businesses, but it also ruins the reputation of businesses, which means that customers will hesitate to entrust you with their personal information out of fear. Whichever type of attack was targeted against you – be it phishing, ransomware, or malware – you need to hire a reputable, skilled and experienced cyber security team to ensure that such an act would never happen ever.

An effective cybersecurity approach will have a number of layers of protection that are spread across all your computers, programs, network, or any other data that you want to keep safe. The layers of protection include:

Compliance management – You need to meet the IT side of compliance standards without affecting the efficiency of internal workflow. Given how delicate this is to balance, the security team, better be one that is experienced in both IT compliance and collaborating with other compliance oversight bodies.

Employees’ security awareness training – Given that your employees can pose the biggest vulnerability gap to fully securing your business data and workflow, the IT security team shall offer training to all your employees to stay current with any form of cyber-attack exploit that targets them to gain access to your business data.

Security management – The security of your client data, proprietary information, and other mission-critical processes is not something that you can entrust to just anyone, other than a team of highly experienced cyber-security prof